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Unlocking Possible™

Our Story

Unlocking Possible

From the beginning, Cub Cadet has existed to help people realize the potential of their outdoor world. Over the years, the way people live has changed, and we've challenged ourselves to truly understand and embrace their real needs.

It's About the Possibilities

From the industrial designers' first sketch to the initial prototype, to our national network of servicing dealers and every detail in between, we have built our brand around the notion that it's not about the machine - it's about the possibilities.


First Cub Cadet hits the market


First shaft-drive model


World's first hydrostatic-drive garden tractor


Small yard lawn tractor debuts


First super garden tractor


The new standard in quality of cut


The garden tractor evolution


First steerable track-drive snow thrower


First lawn tractor with shaft-drive


Cub Cadet Z Series is born


Volunteer utility vehicles debut


Industry's first in stability and control in a zero-turn


Breakthrough in zero-turn technology for homeowners


First to offer professionals a choice in zero-turns


World's first three-stage snow thrower


Only one in class to offer electronic power steering


World's first electric zero-turn rider with steering-wheel


The new standard in strength and comfort


World's first patented vertical tine tiller


World's first robotic golf greens mower


Industry's first mobile maintenance app


The PRO Z™ Series is born


New Challenger™ Series redefines utility

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