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man driving commercial zero turn mower on a slope of a hill
Made to make the grade.
The new PRO Z™ 972 SD is a dual-wheel commercial zero-turn engineered to dominate steep hills up to 25 degrees (46% grade). It’s the ultimate mowing solution for municipalities and properties with varying terrain. 

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We not only designed our Cub Cadet PRO Z commercial zero-turns, walk-behind mowers and blowers with professionals in mind, we had the pros put our commercial equipment's durability and productivity to the test.

Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers


Our line of commercial zero-turn mowers has everything you're looking for. With industry-leading deck design for consistent cuts, innovative steering options for maximum control and comfort that makes the workday a breeze, these are the machines you've been looking for.

Cub Cadet Commercial Zero-Turn riding Lawn Mower

Stand-On Mowers


Commercial stand-on mowers from Cub Cadet maximize your productivity and comfort. The PRO X lineup of commercial zero-turn stand-on mowers help you make the most of every job, every time.

Cub Cadet Commercial Zero-Turn riding Lawn Mower

Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers


The PRO HW has the thicket steel beam, control center and yokes in the industry. Paired with higher ground clearance and superior weight balance, this commercial walk-behind mower can easily manuever over curbs and contour effortlessly thanks to a fixed floating deck. 

Cub Cadet Commercial Walk-Behind Mower

Walk-Behind Blowers


Cub Cadet's high-performance commercial blowers make easy work of leaf debris and yard cleanup through air-discharge control options and self-propelled functionality, available on select models.

Cub Cadet Commercial Fan Blower

Types of Commercial Lawn Mowers

For commercial landscaping or big residential jobs, you need a lawn mower that’s built for business. When you get down to the brass tacks (or grass tacks), your equipment is everything. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve made our commercial mowers with landscaping pros and big jobs in mind. Cub Cadet commercial mowers have: More uptime: Our lawn mowers require less maintenance than other commercial mowers, so your equipment spends more time in the yard and less in the garage. Faster cutting: Cub Cadet commercial lawn mowers have powerful engines with up to 35 horsepower that let you finish jobs quickly. Wider cutting area: Cub Cadet commercial mowers have wider cutting decks than residential mowers, allowing you to finish your job with fewer passes. Better ground clearance: Our walk-behind hydro commercial lawn mowers have high ground clearance, letting you navigate over curbs and other obstacles effortlessly. Better comfort: Cub Cadet commercial lawn mowers have driver-designed seats that offer lasting comfort for big yards and long workdays. One of the best warranties in the business, so you have peace of mind.

Zero-Turn Commercial Mowers

Cub Cadet commercial zero turn lawn mowers cover a lot of ground (no pun intended). We have commercial zero turn mowers that dominate steep hills, like the PRO Z 972 SD, and can handle hills up to 25 degrees. Every zero turn commercial mower has a maintenance-free spindle to help reduce downtime, and a driver-designed seat to keep you comfortable for hours on end.

Stand-On Commercial Lawn Mowers

There are a few factors to consider when deciding between seated or stand-on commercial lawn mowers.

  1. How many mowers do you need to transport between jobs? Stand-on commercial mowers are more compact than riding mowers so they’re easier to transport. If you can transport and use two stand-on mowers, it helps you finish a job more efficiently than a single riding lawn mower.
  2. Do you need to get off the mower frequently? If your job requires frequently removing branches or other obstructions, it’s much easier to do so on a stand-on commercial mower.
  3. How large of an area are you mowing? Landscapers often prefer stand-on commercial lawn mowers for smaller yards because it’s more efficient to switch from mowing to another task from a standing position. Additionally, stand-on commercial mowers are lighter than riding mowers, making them more fuel-efficient.

Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers

Cub Cadet PRO series walk-behind mowers offer great value. Walk-behind commercial lawn mowers are ideal for jobs that can be completed quickly, have tight spaces, or steep slopes. With a walk-behind mower, the risk of rollover is nearly eliminated when operating on a slope. For smaller landscaping companies that only have one or two mowers, a hydro walk-behind mower may be the best option for versatility. For those who want even more versatility, a walk-behind mower can be fitted with a sulky, which converts your walk-behind mower into a stand-on mower when needed.

When to Choose a Walk-Behind Commercial Lawn Mower

  • On steep hills: Use a walk-behind mower on steep hills, working perpendicular to the slope.
  • In tight spaces: The small size of walk-behind mowers lets you maneuver in and out of tight spaces easily.
  • Around tight curves: A walk-behind commercial mower makes quick work of tight curves. The slower speed of these mowers makes them easier to control.

What is a Hydro Mower?

Hydro, or hydrostatic mowers, use hydraulic pumps to power the wheels. Hydro walk-behind mowers require less effort to use and have more maneuverability than belt-driven mowers.

Don’t Forget to Clean Up

Mowing the lawn is only half the job. Cub Cadet has tools and accessories to help with cleanup, too. For example, commercial blowers make cleaning up a breeze. Our walk-behind blowers have adjustable air intake and a rotating nozzle so you can clean up walkways without damaging flowerbeds or mulched areas.