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The Cub Cadet 54-Point Engine Quality Certification

The Cub Cadet
54-Point Quality Certification

Power On A Whole New Level

Cub Cadet Certified Engines are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of each piece of power equipment, manufactured to exacting quality standards on some of the most sophisticated assemblies using the finest technology, and undergo a torturous 54-point certification process before entering production. When you fire up a Cub Cadet Certified Engine, you can be confident it has the perfect combination of power, durability, and purpose for the task at hand.

2X Durability Testing

Our engines are tested to 2X the life of standard carbureted engines using presice dynamometers that simulate more than 10 yards of hard cranking work to ensure years of useful life.

Up To20%* More Usable Power

When faced with harsh conditions like tall wet grass or heavy snow, Cub Cadet Certified engines have the muscle to keep on performing so you can get the job done right every time.

-20°C Cold Start Dependability

Cub Cadet Certified Engines are tested in the most challenging environments, from a bone chilling -4°F to a scorching 104°F, for more than 10,000 cycles to make sure your engine starts whenever you need it.

Choose Your Driving Force

Photo: IntelliPower-man driving riding mower


Offered exclusively on Cub Cadet Certified Engines, IntelliPower™ improves the efficiency of the engine to allow for more power when your equipment encounters strenuous conditions, like tall wet grass or heavy snow, by providing up to 20% more available power.* The result is less bogging down and more consistent cuts.

Photo: EFI engine


Engines equipped with an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system reduce the number of starting steps by eliminating the need to prime and choke the engine. EFI eliminates fuel-related starting issues and carburetor cleanings, using up to 25% less fuel compared to standard carbureted engines.

More Available Power

IntelliPower™ delivers up to 20%* more available power* when faced with wet, heavy loads, resulting in less bogging down and a more consistent cut.

Better Cut Quality

The blades maintain speed and won't bog down in challenging mowing conditions, leading to a Signature Cut™, better mulching, and bagging performance.

Consistent Clearing

Engine speed won't drop off when faced with deep, heavy snow, resulting in maximum auger speeds that provide consistent clearing through heavy snowstorms.

Quiet Ride

Quieter and smoother sounding engine by maintaining a stable engine speed.

Reliable Starting

Better starting performance with electronic choke.

IntelliPower FAQs

What is IntelliPower?

This engine technology electronically controls engine speed to create consistent mowing performance for users that might be challenged to cut through thick, wet heavy grass by delivering more power from the engine to the blades resulting in a Signature Cut™ every time.

How does IntelliPower work?

IntelliPower technology has various electronic inputs that measure engine speed and temperature, which allows an onboard computer to digitally control the throttle position to maintain engine speed without the operator noticing. This prevents the engine from bogging down in challenging conditions, improving performance in heavy, wet grass, while mulching, bagging, or side discharging.

How does IntelliPower benefit me?

A decrease in engine speed means a decrease in blade speed, which leads to an uneven cut, or the unit stalling out. When you engage IntelliPower, you are digitally maintaining your engine speed, giving you up to 20% more available power* that you can feel and hear.

How do I know if my unit has electronic governing?

Just look for IntelliPower, which is exclusive to Cub Cadet and featured on our snow blowers and walk behind/ride-on mowers.

Where is the throttle cable?

An engine with IntelliPower is controlled with an electronic speed selector that allows the user to pick any speed that they require. Say goodbye to physical choke and throttle cables.

Does the IntelliPower feature require any maintenance?

No. The IntelliPower feature is controlled by an onboard computer that requires no additional maintenance throughout the life of the engine. In fact, this feature requires less components than a standard mechanical governed engine.

Do Cub Cadet IntelliPower engines accept E85?

No. E85 is a blend of gasoline containing mostly ethanol (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline). Operating the engine with E15 or E85 fuel may result in damage to your engine’s carburetor.

Do Cub Cadet IntelliPower engines accept diesel fuel?

No. Use automotive gasoline (unleaded or low leaded to minimize combustion chamber deposits) with a minimum of 87 octane.


Dependable Starting

No need for choke or specific throttle position, your engine will start in all weather conditions.

Simple Offseason Storage

Eliminates the need to drain the fuel tank during prolonged storage.

Lower Fuel Consumption

EFI engines use up to 25% less fuel, saving you money and reducing the frequency of fill-ups required throughout the season.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

No need for carburetor maintenance or replacement, less oil changes necessary.

Fuel Acceptance

Resists the problems non-EFI engines have from using gasoline-ethanol fuel blends.


What is EFI?

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) is a high-pressure fuel management system. Just like on today’s cars, EFI uses an onboard computer, injector nozzle and multiple sensors to reliably deliver exactly the right amount of fuel to get the most performance and efficiency out of your engine. Cub EFI is an advanced electronically controlled system that uses real-time feedback to sense usage conditions an instantly optimize combustion to give you smooth running and exceptional starting you can count on, no matter what.

How does EFI work?

EFI, or any fuel injection system, utilizes a special high-pressure fuel deliver nozzle to inject an ultra-fine mist of fuel into the engine. An electronic control unit uses sensors around the engine to deliver the precise amount of fuel the engine needs, improving response, efficiency and starting. Cub EFI adjusts the fuel metering on-the-fly to compensate for variations in load, speed, fuel, temp and pressure to always feed your engine the perfect charge that it needs for maximum performance at any task.

Do EFI engines require less maintenance?

Yes. EFI systems produce cleaner combustion, resulting in a cleaner engine clean engines can go longer between regular oil changes and required major maintenance. We do still recommend a fuel stabilizer for long-term storage to make sure the fuel in the tank stays fresh so you'll be ready to mow with a push of a button next spring.

How does EFI benefit me?

EFI technology provides quicker startup, making both hot and cold restarts easier so your equipment will start when you need it most. It also creates a more powerful engine, easier storage, and requires less maintenance.

Are EFI engines more resistant to fuel system corrosion and “ethanol damage” so often seen today?

Yes. The fuel system is ethanol-resistant and compatible with gasoline fuels up to E15 (15% ethanol) blends. Unlike carburetors, the EFI system doesn't rely on mechanical components and easy -to-clog jets. Critical EFI components are totally sealed, making the entire system more tolerant to today's common automotive gasoline blends.

Does EFI help with fuel efficiency?

Yes. EFI uses up to 25% less fuel versus standard carbureted engines, which means fewer emissions and fewer fill-ups.

Does Cub Cadet EFI accept E85?

No. E85 is a blend of gasoline containing mostly ethanol (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline). Operating the engine with E15 or E85 fuel may result in damage to your engine’s carburetor.

Does Cub Cadet EFI accept diesel fuel?

No. Use automotive gasoline (unleaded or low leaded to minimize combustion chamber deposits) with a minimum of 87 octane.

*When compared to the same engine without IntelliPower™ feature, improvements vary depending on engine models and specific operating conditions