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Woman snow blowing her driveway
Shop Cub Cadet® 1X® Single-Stage Snow Blowers.
Compact, but powerful, a Cub Cadet 1X single stage snow blower is just what you need to take care of up to 6 inches of snow from smooth, smaller areas.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

The high-performance auger quickly and easily removes up to 6 inches of accumulation from small, smooth areas by efficiently scooping and throwing snow. 

close up of a push button electric start on cub cadet snow blower

EZ chute control

Easily control the direction of snow discharge with pitch and chute control from the operators station. 

close up of snow blower headlight

Compact Design

Easily manuever your machine and save storage space thanks to its compact design

pushing the trigger control for the snow blower power steering

Easy Start-Ups

Start your engine at the push of a button when you need it most with electric start 


"I have been using this snowblower for 2 years and it works/runs great. The electric start is fantastic"


- Chirx66, Wisconsin (1X®21'' LHP)

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Not all snow blowers are created equal for a good reason, how much power you need really depends on how much snow you should expect each season. The Cub Cadet® 1X single stage snow blower is designed for light snowfall, up to 6-inches. 

If you’re not expecting to clear a lot of snow day in and day out, the 1X is just what you need. It’s a small snow blower engineered to be lightweight, maneuverable and convenient to handle. It weighs less than 100 pounds, significantly lighter than 2 stage and 3 stage models that easily top 200 pounds. Small snow blowers also require less space for storage and are great for small driveways or sidewalks that don’t experience heavy snowfall.  

Still not sure if a single stage snow blower is what you need? Shop and compare or take our quiz to find the right snow blower for you. Financing is available for all models. Whatever your extreme, there’s a Cub Cadet snow blower engineered for it. 


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