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Introducing the smartest way to clear snow.
Cub Cadet engines with EFI provide you a reliable start while IntelliPower™ technology* provides more power when you need it most.
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Find the right snow blower for you.
This snow blower buying guide will recommend the best snow blowers for you based on your average snowfall, driveway size and more.
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The top-rated X Series snow blower lineup from Cub Cadet helps you clear snow quickly and easily in any conditions all winter long.

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1X® Snow Blowers

The high performance auger quickly and easily removes up to 6 inches of accumulation from small, smooth areas by efficiently scooping and throwing out snow. 

man pushing two stage snow blower
2X® Snow Blowers

The Cub Cadet® 2X® snow blower is easy to handle and is ideal for clearing 12 inches of snow, slush and everything in between.

man pushing three stage snow blower
3X® Snow Blowers

The 3X can easily and quickly remove up to 23 inches of snowfall at a comfortable pace. It will even bust through the wall of winter at the end of your driveway.


"The best snow thrower on the market... engineered for the toughest jobs... rugged, reliable and fit for purpose"


- Hog4snow, Spanish Fork, UT (3X®26'')

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Power Your Way Through Winter with a Cub Cadet Snow Blower.

Cub Cadet snow blowers are engineered for extreme, so you won’t need a shovel this winter. The X Series consists of single, two and three-stage snow blowers with up to 34” of clearing width and engines of up to 420cc to tackle snow day after snow day, and every day in between. 

What is a snow blower?

A snow blower is a powered tool that’s used to remove snow from driveways and sidewalks. The number of stages a snow blower has indicates the functionality of the snow blower. A one-stage or single-stage snow blower has a single-powered auger that collects snow, then discharges snow from the chute. A two-stage snow blower improves on the snow removing capabilities of the one-stage by adding an impeller that further cuts down the snow before shooting it out of the discharge chute. A three-stage snow blower adds an induction accelerator that quickly pulls more snow, ice, and slush through the system like a turbocharger, allowing Cub Cadet three-stage units to clear snow 50 percent faster than a comparable Cub Cadet two-stage snow blower.

What is a three-stage snowblower?

Cub Cadet three-stage snow blowers have three different drive functions powered by the engine. If your driveway gets a lot of heavy, wet, compact snow, a Cub Cadet three-stage snow blower may be the right option. Available in track-driven and wheel-driven models, our three-stage snow blowers utilize an induction accelerator to break up and remove large clumps of snow and ice in a breeze.

What is a good size snow blower?

The ideal snow blower size depends on the surface area and expected winter conditions of your driveway or area you want to clear, plus the type of snowfall you receive annually. Small driveways are easy enough to clear with a snow blower with a clearing width as little as 21”, but owners of driveways longer than 60 feet should consider a larger clearing width. If your area receives light snowfall of up to 6”, a single-stage snow blower is adequate. A two-stage snow blower is ideal for moderate snowfalls of up to 12,” and if you struggle to remove snow because of heavy snowfall — from 18-23” — or if you frequently have wet and icy snow, it’s best to consider a three-stage snow blower. Having trouble deciding which snow blower is best for you? Take our short quiz to see the best snow blower for your driveway.

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